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In late 2020, when war broke out in northern Ethiopia, Medical Teams quickly recognized the extreme impact the conflict would have on Ethiopians. In the face of brutal violence and a lack of resources like food and medical care, thousands of brave Ethiopians left home for their own survival.

In early 2021, we began working alongside our trusted partners to care for Ethiopians in both the Tigray region and in Sudan, where many people sought refuge. Today, we provide loving, life-saving medical care at 10 locations in Ethiopia in an increasingly complicated humanitarian situation.

Our program in Ethiopia is led by the talented and determined people in the communities we serve. Our mobile health and nutrition teams treat everything from diabetes to malaria. They vaccinate children, care for expecting mothers, and provide medical service, including treatments for common diseases. We are also focusing our efforts on helping local health care facilities affected by the conflict restart services — by sending supplies, equipment, and doing repairs — so that communities have a sustainable health care system after we’re gone. We screen children and pregnant women for malnutrition and provide supplementary nutrition. Our community health workers help educate their neighbors about important health topics and perform basic medical care.

We’re blessed to work alongside the resilient people of Ethiopia, who continue to show incredible courage in the face of extraordinary hardship.

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